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LOVE, THE GREAT GENDER BENDER Men who are in love become more like women,
while love-struck women become more like men. So say Italian researchers who
compared testosterone levels of people in love to those who were either
single or in long-term relationships. Page 14

TALKING 'BOUT A REVOLUTION A ruling on cotton by the World Trade
Organisation last week might spell the end for the enormous subsidies rich
countries pay their farmers. New Scientist analyses the far-reaching
consequences if countries were forced to end farming subsidies, together
with a look at what it would mean if a similar ruling were imposed on the
fishing industry. Pages 8-9, and Editorial

MILKY WAY SPIRAL GETS AN EXTRA ARM The map of the Milky Way is being
redrawn, following the discovery by Australian astronomers of another arm of
our galaxy. The structure they found consists of an arc of hydrogen gas
77,000 light years long and a few thousand light years thick running along
the galaxy's outermost edge. Page 10

SEX, PARASITES AND THE EVOLUTION OF MEN An American scientist believes that
the bacteria which gave rise to the cell energy centres known as
mitochondria could also have been responsible for the evolution of sex. He
argues that maleness began with the early mitochondria jumping between
nearby cells and dragging genes from the nucleus with them. Page 11

seen in many plants, such as cacti and sunflowers, follow a precise
mathematical sequence. Researchers in the US believe they know why: the
patterns minimise mechanical stress in a growing plant. Page 12

DNA ROBOT TAKES ITS FIRST STEPS A microscopic biped with legs constructed
from DNA strands has taken its first steps. It is the first nanoscale device
to "walk" with bipedal motion, say the US researchers who built it. The
nanowalker travels along a DNA track, and could be used to ferry atoms. Page

GOOD VIBRATIONS (short story) Luxury cars could soon feature vibrating studs
underneath the seats to give the driver directions, say researchers from the
Netherlands. The studs would be connected to the car's satellite navigation
system. Page 22

CHASING THE ELUSIVE SHADOWS OF E-CRIME How do you catch an e-criminal if the
clues are deleted from their computer? In the virtual world, there will
always be digital fingerprints left behind. New Scientist looks at ways to
track them down. Pages 26-29

ANTIPODES: PROVIDING A NATURAL EDGE Ian Lowe looks at planning the future of
the Australian coastline, and at the patenting of genes. Page 47

BARBIE-SHAPED WOMEN MORE FERTILE Large-breasted, narrow waisted women have
the highest reproductive potential, according to a study of Polish women.
They are about three times more likely to get pregnant. See also...
Predicting the plague; A molecular soldering iron; Shrinking buckyballs. New
Scientist's free public website at http://www.newscientist.com

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