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31 May 2004        
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Story Opportunities from Australasian Science, June 2004
Top Secret Teleporting
The world¹s first demonstration of information-sharing via teleporting could
lead to improved security of sensitive information and the development of a
quantum internet.
Fields of Poison
Australian scientists are attempting to overcome arsenic contamination of
water in Bangladesh resulting from ill-conceived aid projects.
Lenses Fix Your Eyesight While You Sleep
Remarkable contact lenses adjust the shape of the cornea during sleep,
producing long-term vision correction for myopia within as little as 10
Breast-Feeding May Protect Against SIDS
Breast-fed infants are more easily aroused from active sleep, which may
protect them from sudden infant death syndrome.
Use It or Lose It
Mental stimulation can delay the onset and progression of Huntington¹s
The Dawn of Farming
Archaeologists are finding evidence for the first domestication of crops
10,000 years ago in the Middle East and independently in New Guinea.
Evolution, not Revolution, for Gene Patent Laws
Reforms of the patenting system are likely to arise as the Australian Law
Reform Commission hands its final report on gene patenting to the Federal
Poor Growth Prospects from R&D Package
The Federal government¹s R&D package has disappointed most scientists and
academics ­ but not CSIRO¹s chief.
Lights Out for Solar Research
Funding for solar energy research is being systematically withdrawn by the
government despite numerous commercialisation successes.
conScience: Iraqi Death Toll Amounts to a Holocaust
Gideon Polya calculates the ³excess mortality² as a result of Iraq¹s
invasion and occupation.
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