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The Acting Minister for Innovation, John Pandazopoulos, today invited
leading and emerging scientists, engineers and innovators to nominate and
apply for the prestigious 2005 Victoria Prize and Fellowships.

Now in their eighth year, the Victoria Prize and Victoria Fellowships are
one of Australia¹s most valuable innovation award programs.

³Totalling over $250,000, the awards celebrate scientific discovery and
innovation in Victoria and play a major role in rewarding excellence and
encouraging research, development and commercialisation,² Mr Pandazopoulos

The awards are part of the Bracks Government¹s commitment to support and
foster excellence in science, technology and engineering and complement the
Science, Technology and Innovation Initiative.

The $50,000 Victoria Prize acknowledges a scientist or engineer whose
groundbreaking discovery or technological innovation has significantly
advanced knowledge or has the clear potential to produce a commercial
outcome or other benefit to the community.

The research institute supporting the work of the Victoria Prize recipient
will again be recognised with the $100,000 Anne & Eric Smorgon Memorial
Award, presented by the Jack and Robert Smorgon Families Foundation.

³The winner of the 2005 Victoria Prize will be following in the footsteps of
some of Victoria¹s greatest innovators and scientific leaders,² Mr
Pandazopoulos said.

Past Victoria Prize winners include:

 Donald Metcalf, whose pioneering work has helped more than five million
cancer patients worldwide and spawned a billion dollar biotechnology
 David Vaux, for his pioneering efforts in understanding
apoptosis, or programmed cell death; 
 David Boger, whose work in fluid
mechanics is helping to solve some of the world¹s major environmental and
industrial problems; and 
 Keith Nugent, whose seminal work has changed the
way we see and measure images through light.

Mr Pandazopoulos also said that up to six $18,000 Victoria Fellowships were
available to early career researchers and innovators to travel overseas to
further their research, expand international networks, develop a commercial
idea or undertake specialist training.

³The Victoria Fellowships are available to Victorian postgraduate students,
researchers and those in private enterprise whose work will help to tackle
the challenges facing Victoria and the world,² Mr Pandazopoulos said.

Past Fellows have been sponsored to further their work in:

 Developing new controls against phylloxera, an insect with the potential
to devastate Australia¹s wine industry; 
 Improving an in-shoe measurement
system to monitor the performance of track and field athletes; 

Investigating ways of fitting hearing aids more effectively; 
research into preventing blood clots from forming; 
electro-optic devices that are critical to the future of both the defence
and telecommunications industries; and 
 Furthering development of a
hand-held diagnostic laboratory with applications in environmental
monitoring, health, food safety, and manufacturing.

Victoria Fellows planning a study mission in France will be eligible to
apply for the $5000 AFAS FEAST-France Fellowships, offered by the Australian
French Association for Science and Technology (Victoria) and the Embassy of

Nominations and applications close on 7 April 2005. It is anticipated that
the winners will be publicly announced in August.

Application and nomination forms are available from

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