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ACT NOW BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE That was the message from climate researchers
attending an international conference in Britain last week on "dangerous"
climate change. Page 8...see also, SLEEPING GIANTS Set certain climate
changes in motion, say researchers, and they will carry on whether we slash
emissions or not. New Scientist explores some of the candidates. Pages 9-11

MENACE OR MYTH? To the delight of climate scientists, the Kyoto protocol
comes into force on 16 February. Meanwhile, hostile criticism is on the
increase from sceptics who believe that the evidence for global warming is
full of holes and uncertainty. With so much at stake, it's crucial that the
right side wins. But who should we believe? Pages 38-43, and Editorial...see
also, ANTIPODES: CLIMATE CHANGES EMERGE Ian Lowe provides an antipodean
perspective on the climate change debate. Page 47

SECOND 'DESIGNER' STEROID IDENTIFIED A suspicious oily substance seized a
year ago by Canadian customs has turned out to be an anabolic steroid,
cleverly designed to evade the standard dope tests for athletes. The World
Anti-Doping Agency says it is alarmed by the sophistication of the compound.
Page 14

MINI-STAR COULD OFFER SAFE HAVEN TO LIFE A developing planetary system has
been found surrounding a brown dwarf, a failed star barely bigger than a
giant planet. Despite the host star lacking the nuclear reactions that make
our sun shine, its disc could spawn habitable, Earth-sized planets. Page 12

MAKING NIGHT AS CLEAR AS DAY Full-colour, night-vision cameras will make
life easier for soldiers working in the dark. The technique, developed for
the Dutch military, produces natural colours by sampling the daytime colours
of typical landscapes in which the system is expected to be used. Page 21

NOW YOU CAN PRINT OUT YOUR DINNER An American chef has modified an ink-jet
printer to print out dishes on edible paper in a range of tastes from cake
to sushi. Pictures of food are downloaded from the web, and printed onto
paper made of potato starch and soybean. The printer's cartridges are loaded
with fruit and vegetable matter, instead of ink. Page 23

BEAGLE 2 DOOMED FROM THE START The British space probe, Beagle 2, which
disappeared without a trace after its release over Mars just over a year
ago, should never have been built. That is the damning conclusion of a
report which the UK government and the European Space Agency commissioned,
and then tried to suppress. Page 15, and Editorial.

ALIVE! Several serious research groups are working hard to create a
synthetic life form in the lab. Knowing what works and what doesn't may help
us understand both the origin of life and the essential ingredients for
Darwinian evolution. Pages 28-33

LAPTOP BACK UP...ON CAMERA A New Zealand company has launched a software
package that converts a digital video camcorder into a back-up storage
device for a Windows PC. Page 22

identity of the fastest eating mammal-the distinctly peculiar, star-nosed
mole. It can find, identify and wolf down food in less than quarter of a
second. See also... Diamond planets; Supercomputer-on-a-chip; Breathing life
into Mars. New Scientist's free public website at

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