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NOT A PASSING PHASE – GRDC supported research has found phase pastures can
help control troublesome weeds, when combined with the use of grazing
management, non-selective herbicides and cultural management practices such
as green or brown manuring.
Department of Agriculture researcher Keith Devenish said another advantage
of using a phase pasture in a phase farming system is growers can de-stock
parts of their farms and keep sheep off paddocks during the cropping phase.
“This is a particularly useful option for managing hard setting clays, or
combining controlled traffic with deep cultivation systems.”
Short-term pasture phases (one to four years) are used to separate long
cropping sequences (three to eight years) and restore soil fertility
affected by frequent cropping.
“Cadiz is ideal for a one year pasture phase, but because of its soft
seededness there is a 40 per cent chance it might fail in the second year,
so other pasture varieties should be used for longer pasture phases,” Mr
Devenish said.
Contact: Keith Devenish, Tel 08 9835 1177
FEED FOCUS - A new Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) for an Internationally
Competitive Pork Industry will receive GRDC support as pork producers focus
on feed efficiencies.
The CRC will work with the grains industry to provide feed grain supply
chains suited to the needs of the pork industry.
By targeting grains and pulses with higher yield and nutritional quality,
the CRC's work will lead to more secure and less variable feed costs.
In a move which complements its existing Premium Grains For Livestock
Program, the GRDC will support the Pork CRC, which commences operations in

Contact: Dr Mike Taverner, Tel 02 6248 0364

FROST FOCUS - The recent harvest demonstrated how badly affected WA growers
were by frost due to the lack of tolerant varieties.
According to GRDC Western Panel Chairman and Hyden grower, Dale Baker,
breeding a frost tolerant cultivar is being addressed through breeding
programs and research projects.
“Promising development of new frost tolerant Australian malting and feed
barley varieties should significantly lower the risk and cost of frost
damage, at least in barley.
“Frost tolerant traits have been discovered in a diverse collection of
barley lines from other countries, prompting the GRDC to support an
aggressive breeding strategy to incorporate frost tolerance into commercial
barley varieties,” Mr Baker said.

Contact: Dale Baker, Tel 08 9841 4471


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