[ASC-media] Media release: Moon slices Jupiter in half! (Sunday 27 February 2005)

Paul Floyd thestarman at homemail.com.au
Fri Feb 25 22:22:01 EST 2005

For immediate release

Moon slices Jupiter in half!

Southern Australia will see a rare occultation of the planet Jupiter by the
Moon on the evening of Sunday February 27th 2005. An occultation occurs when
a celestial object (in this case the Moon) moves in front of another object.
This lunar occultation will be visible to the unaided eye but best views
will be through binoculars or a small telescope.

Paul Floyd, www.paulfloyd.id.au webmaster and astronomy educator said “The
most dramatic view of the occultation will be seen in Melbourne. Observers
will see the Moon seem to slice Jupiter in half as the Moon only blocks part
of it from view. Canberra, Alice Springs and Sydney observers will be able
to watch the Moon glide just above Jupiter through binoculars or a small
telescope. Perth observers should note that that Jupiter will already be
occulted by the Moon at Moon rise. They will only be able to observe Jupiter
reappear from behind the Moon.”

“It has been many years since we last saw the Moon occult a bright planet,
so casual skywatchers should get out and look at this rare event.”

Mr Floyd concluded, “Find the Moon by looking above your local Eastern
horizon fifteen minutes before the time of closest approach or occultation
time for your city. This will ensure that you get the best views of the
occultation or close encounter. Detailed event times can be found on my site
at www.paulfloyd.id.au.”

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For more information:

Paul Floyd
Mobile: 040 888 4380

Occultation times

		Disappearance		Reappearance

Adelaide	23.09 pm CDT		11.26 pm CDT
Hobart	11.54	 pm AEDT		12.19 am AEDT Monday 28th February
Melbourne	11.51	 pm  AEDT 	      12 pm AEDT
Perth 					8.56pm WST

Note: Times are corrected for Daylight savings time where applicable.

Closes approach for East coast Australian cities

Note: Times are corrected for Daylight savings where applicable.

Brisbane: 		10.45 pm EST
Canberra: 		11.55 pm AEDT
Sydney: 		11.55 pm AEDT
Townsville: 	11.30 pm EST

Note: Times are corrected for Daylight savings time where applicable.


·	Astronomy 2004, pg 25, Quasar Publishing
·	A map showing the limit of complete occultation can be found here at the
      occultation homepage
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