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4 May 2005         
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Story Opportunities from Australasian Science, May 2005
Oil & Water DO Mix
This astounding discovery has implications for detergent-free cleaning and
may also reduce the side-effects of many pharmaceuticals.
The Next Tsunami
An analysis of the geological events leading to last year¹s tsunami in the
Indian Ocean reveals that the danger has not passed.
How to Reduce CO2 Emissions by 50%
Efficient energy use and existing renewable energy technologies could
replace most of Australia¹s coal-fired power stations cost-effectively by
2040 given sufficient political will.
Ancient Mangroves Reveal Rapid Sea Rise
Analysis of ancient mangrove remnants reveal an abrupt rise in sea levels 20
times faster than the most conservative global warming predictions.
Flowerpots Go Overboard for Climate Change
Two plastic flowerpots trailing behind a fishing boat in Bass Strait are
playing a crucial role in measuring changes in sea levels due to climate
Australia¹s Ancient Sea Monsters
A profile of the large marine creatures that once inhabited Australia¹s vast
inland sea.
Preparing for a Future Bird Flu Pandemic
Research efforts will be critical in the event of a bird flu pandemic.
Nanotechnology¹s Holy Grail
A number of factors determine how complex proteins interact, but the ability
to control these will open up the potential for nanobiotechnology.
1. Peter Pockley reflects on how science has been conveyed to the Australian
public over the first four decades of concerted coverage in the media.
2. Rob Morrison says that trust in science communication is being eroded by
sensationalism, so a code of conduct is required to guide PR operators,
journalists, scientists and their institutions.
3. Julian Cribb says that scientific independence is slipping away as a
result of corporate self-promotion, commercial hype and a growing
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