[ASC-media] Innovation Award Winners announced last night in Melbourne

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Fri May 20 09:12:04 EST 2005

Lighter, stronger aircraft, better pest control, detecting health fraud and 
Indigenous land knowledge
-          CRC Association Awards for Excellence in Innovation

Sky no limit for lighter, stronger aircraft
Research conducted by the Advanced Composite Structures CRC will result in 
lighter, stronger, and more economical passenger aircraft that is also more 
comfortable for passengers.
A core participant in the CRC, Hawker de Havilland, will use the outcomes of 
the CRC's research in the design and manufacture of all the flaps, spoilers 
and ailerons of the new Boeing 787. These components are crucial for 
control, landing and braking.
This huge "Tier One" contract for Hawker de Havilland is likely to span 
three decades, directly support hundreds of Australian jobs and result in 
export sales of $4 billion over the life of the program.

Insect magnetism
Australian Cotton CRC researchers have developed a new pest management tool 
that will reduce insecticide use and ensure the sustainability of the cotton 
Their Magnet® technology uses chemicals which can kill insects by luring 
them to a deposit of insecticide.  Less than 2% of a field needs to be 
treated with insecticide when Magnet® is used.
The Australian cotton industry is Australia's fifth largest agricultural 
industry with exports of around $1.5 billion. The benefits of Magnet® will 
be substantial to the cotton industry where insect control represents 35% of 
growers' annual operating costs.

Doctoring the figures
The Capital Markets CRC has produced the world's first real-time health 
fraud detection technology known as Dtechtive.
Health fraud is estimated to be costing Australia $1.8 billion per annum. 
This is around 10% of health claims. Successful early trials of Dtechtive 
have identified fraud levels of 4%, a possible saving of $720 million per 
annum to the health industry.
These savings could mean a substantial difference to the Australian health 
industry, for example in reducing waiting lists and increasing available 
hospital beds.

Passing the torch
Yalanji-Warranga Kaban. Yalanji People of the Rainforest Fire Management 
Book has evolved from collaborative fire research between the Rainforest CRC 
and Yalanji Traditional Owners from the World Heritage listed Daintree 
The book explores traditional natural resource management, transfers oral 
history into written words, both in English and - for the first time - in 
Yalanji language. The passing on of this intimate traditional knowledge in 
natural resource management will make a significant contribution to future 

All award winners will be available for interview by the media today. The 
submissions of each award winner giving full details of their research are 
available from Jenni Metcalfe. Additional media releases and photos of award 
winners are also available.

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