[ASC-media] Stronger, lighter aircraft helps with jetlag and DVT

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Lighter, stronger, more efficient and economical aircraft with greater passenger comfort are the results of research conducted by the Advanced Composite Structures CRC into new materials.

A core participant in the CRC, Hawker de Havilland, will use the outcomes of the CRC's research in the design and manufacture of the flaps, spoilers and ailerons of the new Boeing 787. These components are crucial for control, landing and braking.

This Australian work is likely to span three decades, directly support hundreds of jobs and result in sales of $4 billion over the life of the program.

The new 787 will be Boeing's first completely new plane in 15 years and will be ready for commercial flights in 2008.

"The 787 will be more affordable, more efficient, and more durable," said Prof. Murray Scott, Chief Executive Officer of the CRC. 

"Composites will bring greater passenger comfort. 

"Because composites don't corrode, cabin humidity levels can be higher, so passengers are less likely to feel dehydrated at the end of their flight. 

"Composites also allow more cabin pressurisation, so you feel you're flying lower. 

"There's some evidence to suggest both these factors help overcome deep vein thrombosis and jet lag," Prof. Scott said.

A composite structure is made of two or more different materials. Fibreglass, plywood and concrete are some of the most common composites. 

The 787 wing components will be made from carbon fibres in epoxy resin using advanced diaphragm forming and liquid moulding technology developed by the CRC. This technology allows greater automation and reduces the need for fasteners such as bolts and rivets.

The Advanced Composite Structures CRC is one of 69 research centres throughout Australia funded by universities, private enterprise and the Federal Government's Department of Education and Science Technology.

The Advanced Composite Structures CRC will be presented with an Award for Excellence in Innovation by the Minister for Education, Science & Training, Hon Dr Brendan Nelson, MP, 7.00 pm for 7.30 pm at Zinc at Federation Square during the Cooperative Research Centre Association (CRCA) conference.

Prof Murray Scott will be available for interview by the media today Ph 0419 339 965 Full details of the research are available from Jenni Metcalfe. Photos are also available from the Boeing website: http://boeingmedia.com/photoreleases/index.cfm. 

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