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Appropriately controlling leaf rust and loose smut, the two most prominent
diseases in WA barley crops in 2004, will help growers avoid yield losses
and reduce screenings.
Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) supported trials by
Department of Agriculture researcher, Dr Kithsiri Jayasena confirmed that,
in a long season situation, leaf rust protection with foliar fungicide
during later crop development was more beneficial than early development
protection using a triadimefon treatment in-furrow.
Conventional seed dressings remain essential to control diseases such as
powdery mildew and barley scald.
In low to medium rainfall areas, seed dressings provide important protection
from early powdery mildew infections.
Uniform application of seed dressings for loose smut in barley cultivar
Baudin is essential to reduce disease incidence in seed.
If infection levels exceeded five per cent of the head in the previous
season, replacement seed should be sourced from lower rainfall areas.
For optimum control of loose smut and powdery mildew in high rainfall
regions, use standard seed dressing fungicide and one or two foliar sprays
to control foliar diseases in spring, while considering disease pressure and
weather conditions.
Baudin, Gairdner, Hamelin and Stirling crops should be monitored for
possible spraying from early stem extension (Z31) in high rainfall or green
bridge situations and late stem extension (Z35/37) in medium rainfall areas.
In southern areas, screening levels fell in all varieties when leaf diseases
were controlled. Stirling and Hamelin screenings went from 20 per cent to
six per cent.
Another GRDC-funded project found barley grown in potassium marginal soil in
high rainfall regions is more prone to spot-type net blotch and powdery

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