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Tue Nov 8 11:27:03 EST 2005

Sir Mark Oliphant Conferences 2005 : BioNano - The Next Frontier



The healthcare technologies and manufacturing industries of the future take shape when bioengineering meets nanotechnology at a world scientific conference in Brisbane next month.

BioNano: The Next Frontier will bring together world-leading researchers - including at least one Nobel Laureate - to discuss current and future research and industry opportunities.

The conference will highlight the huge potential of nanotechnology at the interface between engineering, science and biology. Industry leaders and top researchers will profile the jobs, industries and research opportunities of the coming decade.

Key issues to be discussed include:
 	Nanotechnology: scientific discoveries and innovations in industry 
 	The dawn of 'personalized medicine' 
 	Tissue regeneration and tissue replacement
 	Artificial arteries and nerves
 	Cells as factories: new products, new processes
 	Viruses as nanotech platforms
 	Materials which assemble themselves 
 	Commercial opportunities at the tiniest scale 

The conference will take place at The Biosciences Precinct, The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Qld, from December 4-7, 2005. 

Media are welcome to attend and interview participants.

More information:
Professor Peter Gray, UQ, 07 3346 2170
Donna Hannan, UQ, 07 3346 2171  or  0407 968 524
Andrew Dunne, UQ, 07 3365 2802 or 0433 364 181 or a.dunne at uq.edu.au

November 7, 2005

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