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Integrating lupin-based food products into human diets could help combat the
global obesity epidemic.

Lupins suppressed appetite, lowered cholesterol and were an excellent low
fat food source, according to Dr Mark Sweetingham, WA Department of
Agriculture Lupin Program Manager.

He delivered this message at a recent food industry seminar, hosted by the
National Food Industry Strategy.

Livestock have benefited from lupins for many years, but they are also an
excellent food source for humans because of their unique combination of high
protein and high dietary fibre.

Food companies are now exploring lupins because of the functional properties
and potential health benefits of their protein and fibre components, which
have excellent foaming, emulsifying, water absorption and fat binding

Research indicates lupins can benefit bowel health and help combat
cardiovascular disease and obesity.

Dr Sweetingham said WA produced 80 per cent of the world’s lupins, a
valuable and healthy food source that we aren’t utilizing to its full

He concluded by saying that lupin-based foods were a superior substitute for
soy in some products and their low Glycemic Index meant they could help
reduce the global obesity ‘epidemic’.

There has been little commercial development of lupin-based foods, but Dr
Sweetingham’s Grains Research and Development Corporation supported research
team has revealed that lupins can supplement a wide array of foods from egg
white replacement to flour.

However, as with some other high protein foods such as peanuts and
shellfish, a small percentage of the population are allergic to lupin.

Research is planned to better understand lupin allergens and the possible
cross-reactivity of lupins and other products.


The Crop Doctor is GRDC Managing Director, Peter Reading, Tel 02 6272 5525
Further Information:

Dr Mark Sweetingham, Tel 08 9368 3298 or Ms Sofia Sipsas, Tel 08 9368 3901


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