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Professor Gordon Duff from the Tropical Savannas CRC will celebrate the life of Jill Landsberg  in a presentation at the Ecological Society of Australia's conference on the 29 November. 


Over her career, Jill made a profound contribution to the knowledge and management of ecosystems in Australia.


"Jill Landsberg was an effective champion for the environment and landscapes that she loved," Professor Duff said.


"She was a shining example of the way that science can make a positive difference to those environments". 


She was recognised by the Ecological Society of Australia through the award of the ESA Gold Medal in May this year.


A strong team player, Jill was a seemingly inexhaustible source of drive and enthusiasm for many new initiatives. 


"She was always the first to volunteer, and the last to criticize", Professor Duff said.


"She was great fun to work with; she inspired, she encouraged and she always shared the credit".


The ecological community were saddened to learn of the untimely death of Dr Jill Landsberg on 24 May, 2005, in Cairns.


Jill provided for a bursary for a postgraduate student working in applied ecology. The Ecological Society of Australia will manage this bursary, which will be advertised through ESA webpage at http://www.ecolsoc.org.au/. 


The first bursary will be awarded next calendar year.


This event will be held on Tuesday, 29 November at 8.40am at the UQ Centre. 

See map at - http://www.uq.edu.au/maps/index.html?menu=1&x=k.82&y=5.0&z=0&xc[]=k.90&yc[]=5.38&id=254&facilityType=&backURL=



Prof. Gordon Duff, Tropical Savannas CRC, 08 8946 6834; savanna at cdu.edu.au


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