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GRAIN STORAGE - Phosphine, the most commonly used fumigant on-farm and in
central storage facilities, allows WA to provide premium export markets with
grain, free of chemical residue and insects.

GRDC Western panel member and CBH Group Manager of Grain Technology, David
Capper reminds growers that no suitable replacements for phosphine exist and
precautions, such as ensuring silos are sealed and phosphine is used at
correct label rates, should be taken to prevent resistance developing.

"The next fumigation alternative currently available costs four dollars per
tonne extra, equating to an additional $40 million annually out of WA
growers' pockets. And it most likely wouldn't be available for use on farm.

"Work is underway to develop new fumigants, however phosphine is the best
option as it is cheap and easy to use.

"The grains industry needs to work together to protect our clean export
grain image, ensuring long term sustainable use of phosphine products," Mr
Capper said.

Contact: David Capper, Tel 08 9454 0356

LUPINS BEATING OBESITY - It was revealed at a recent food industry seminar,
hosted by the National Food Industry Strategy, that integrating lupin-based
food products into human diets could help combat the global obesity

Addressing the seminar at the Perth Hilton, GRDC supported Department of
Agriculture Lupin Program Manager, Mark Sweetingham said lupins suppressed
appetite, lowered cholesterol and were an excellent low fat food source.

"WA produces 80 per cent of the world's lupins, which means we have a
valuable and healthy food source that we aren't utilizing to its full
potential," Dr Sweetingham said.

He concluded by saying that lupin-based foods have a low Glycemic Index and
are a superior substitute for soy in some products.

Contact: Dr Mark Sweetingham, Tel 08 9368 3298

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