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SPECIAL REPORT: CLEAN ENERGY Six nations, including Australia, have laid out an alternative to the Kyoto agreement, which involves developing and sharing more efficient energy technologies to halt climate change. It's a daunting task, as the nations concerned are responsible for half the world's carbon dioxide emissions. Includes...GOING UNDERGROUND Sending our emissions back where they came from. A GREENER SHADE OF BLACK Clean coal: oxymoron or hope for the future? Pages 30-43, and Editorial


WHY FETUSES DON'T FEEL PAIN Two new reviews, from NZ and the US, suggest proposed American laws, based on claims that a fetus feels pain from 20 weeks after conception, might be misguided and the evidence for them out-of-date. They cite an emerging consensus that fetuses do not have the brain circuitry to feel pain until 29 weeks. Page 9, and New Scientist's free public website at www.NewScientist.com <http://www.newscientist.com/> 


CONSERVE FOR HEALTH There is growing evidence of a direct link between biodiversity and human health, a conference in Ireland was told last week. Clearing forest in WA, for instance, has led to the spread of mosquitoes which can carry the potentially deadly Ross River virus, Perth researchers said. Page 11 


CHINESE FUNGUS FAD POSES ECO-THREAT In China's 1993 National Games, two female athletes smashed world records in three track events. Their coach put their success down to the properties of a fungus prized by Chinese medicine. Since then, a huge surge in demand for the fungus has led to a concern over the environmental damage to a Tibetan plateau where it grows. Page 12


LESSONS FROM OUR CLOSEST COUSIN The publication of the chimp genome will help to reveal what makes us human. And it comes at the same time as the announcement of the first genuine chimp fossil-found where we least expected it. Pages 6-7, and Editorial 

IF MEDITATION IS GOOD, GOD MAKES IT BETTER God can help you relax, according to a study of meditation in the US. People practising spiritual meditation were more relaxed and better able to withstand pain than those who practised non-religious meditation. Page 9


TSUNAMI WAVES 'SHOT ALONG' MID-OCEAN RIDGES The mystery of the puzzling pattern of waves generated by last year's Asian tsunami may have been solved by a US research team. They argue that the topography of the sea floor guides where waves go. So, India and Sri Lanka were hit by waves 10 times the size of those recorded at Australia's Cocos Islands, about the same distance from the epicentre. Page 13


MOTHER SUPERIOR Every living thing on Earth is thought to be descended from one single entity-a sort of primitive cell. So what did this "last universal common ancestor", LUCA for short, look like? Pages 26-29


POWER LINES MAY PROVIDE A HAVEN FOR BEES The millions of hectares of land-strips beneath power lines represent an untapped conservation resource for bees and other threatened creatures, US research shows. See also... Harder than diamonds; Most scientific papers are wrong; Muslim Londoners stressed by bombs. New Scientist's free public website at www.NewScientist.com 


GIANT WATER PLUME SPEWS FROM SATURN'S MOON Four fissures in the south pole of Saturn's moon, Enceladus, are ejecting water hundreds of kilometres high, the Cassini probe has revealed. See also... Space ferry ready by 2010; A galactic collision; Satellites locate mass graves. New Scientist's Space website at www.NewScientistSpace.com






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