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CANINE COACH KEEPS DIETERS ON A LEASH A robot dog could help monitor what you eat every day and calculate your daily calorie intake. The robot, being designed in the US, would gather information about your eating habits and exercise by connecting wirelessly to a pedometer, and an electronic diary. If you stick to your daily diet the robot will jump up and down, but if you do not, it will move lethargically. Page 24


WHERE DID ALL THE BOYS GO? A researcher has found that twice as many girls as boys are being born in a community next door to a chemical complex in Canada. Although no compound has yet been blamed, hormone-disrupting chemicals called phthalates are emitted from the complex. Page 13


MOBILE TV GETS GOOD RECEPTION In the most extensive trial to date, mobile phone giant Nokia last month successfully demonstrated it has technology that can deliver sharp, steady TV pictures with clear stereo sound to people on the move. But there are still problems to overcome. Pages 22-23


SAFE HERBS AND MINERALS FOR MOTHER AND BABY A Canadian pharmacologist and his colleagues have compiled a comprehensive guide of the safety of herbs, vitamins and other supplements during pregnancy and breastfeeding. And cranberries, echinacea, garlic and ginger are all OK. Page 14 


EVERY PRIMATE'S GUIDE TO SCHMOOZING Two British researchers have successfully tested the idea that early human language evolved as a means to forge and maintain social bonds-as a substitute for reciprocal grooming. Page 10, and New Scientist's free public website at www.NewScientist.com <http://www.newscientist.com/> 


INVENTION: A MUSIC LOVER'S DREAM Californian company Gracenote has figured out a way to program your PC to scan internet radio for your favourite music. It then automatically records tracks for later playback. New Scientist's free public website at www.NewScientist.com <http://www.newscientist.com/> 


IS IT A BIRD, IS IT A PLANE...? Highly agile airborne drones with flexible wings inspired by seagulls could be used for surveillance within the narrow confines of cities. The remote-controlled drones, designed by American researchers, have a seagull's ability to hover, climb and dive rapidly. Page 13, and New Scientist's free public website at www.NewScientist.com <http://www.newscientist.com/> 


MOLECULAR MOTORS PUSH LIQUID UPHILL Droplets of liquid have been moved uphill by molecular motors. It is the first time that molecular motion has been used to move a macroscopic object, according to a European research team. The technology could be used to pump liquids around a silicon chip. New Scientist's free public website at www.NewScientist.com <http://www.newscientist.com/> 


ILLICIT SNAPPERS CAUGHT INFRARED HANDED With the rise of camera phones, it is becoming increasingly difficult to prevent people from taking pictures of things you would rather keep secret. Now, US researchers have developed a system that automatically detects camera phones, and fires out light rays to distort any pictures they might take. Page 24


JAPAN TO TEST SUPERSONIC AIRLINER PROTOTYPE Japan plans to test a supersonic aircraft prototype at Woomera in South Australia as early as next month. The unscrewed aircraft will ride atop a solid fuel rocket at speeds of up to Mach 2. New Scientist's free public website at www.NewScientist.com




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