[ASC-media] Send your name to Pluto!

Paul thestarman at homemail.com.au
Tue Sep 6 13:54:17 EST 2005


Send your name to Pluto!



>From Paul Floyd's Astronomy & Space website www.paulfloyd.id.au



Register your name on NASA's New Horizon spacecraft website by September 15
2005 to send your name to Pluto. 


If all goes well, the New Horizons spacecraft will lift off in January 2006
and fly past Pluto and its moon Charon in 2015. Strictly speaking, your name
won't actually make it to Pluto. New Horizons will be travelling too fast to
go into orbit around Pluto. Instead it will head into deep space after a
close flyby of the Pluto/Charon system.


To submit your name, go to




Paul Floyd.

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