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Biotechnology could be just the catalyst graingrowers need to crop more
productively, without degrading their most important productive tool, the
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Growers know they have to look after tomorrow’s natural resources today by
maintaining soil fertility, using chemicals wisely and utilizing the
biological advantages of rotation farming.


Biotechnology could help pave the way for producing crops that add to the
land, rather than take away, and could even create health benefits for


Jim Peacock, President of the Australian Academy of Science, addressing the
National Press Club, outlined his belief that in the future agriculture will
increasingly be linked directly to matters of public health.  


He stated that the diseases of our western societies are largely a
consequence of lifestyle changes, including diet and that many diet related
diseases, like diabetes, cardiovascular disease and colonic cancer, result
largely from the way we live and can be helped by what we consume.


Dr Peacock said that changing our staple foods so that they helped guard
against the onset of these diseases would make a significant contribution to
reducing the $72.2 billion the Australian government annually spends on


Biotechnology can help us grow crops that use 86 per cent less chemical
insecticides, which could directly benefit not only the health of the land
but also the health of consumers.


It is possible to genetically modify cereal grains so that they will be of
greater nutritional value and more closely meet our dietary requirements.


As the world’s population increases, we need to produce more food, but we
need to produce it more reliably and with greater empathy for the natural



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