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Thu Sep 29 09:10:16 EST 2005

This month in CSIRO Education's The Helix, jammed with fascinating
science, activities, comics, comps and more for ages 10+ and teachers:
(for more info visit www.csiro.au/helix or email doublehelix at csiro.au) 

- Cover story: With ice caps melting, glaciers receding, cyclones
destroying and droughts ravaging, climate change is a massive issue, but
how do scientists study it? 

- Feature: Do you ever tell lies? If you said 'no', you've probably just
made a liar out of yourself. We all lie, even if it's something as
simple as "I like your new haircut"! Lying is part of the human psyche -
but why do we do it, and what effect does it have on our bodies? 

- Feature: Discover a new telescope that's taking the 'twinkle' out of
the night sky and giving astronomers a clearer picture.

- Feature: Learn about the amazing developments biotechnology offers for
the environment and for human health. This issue also comes with a free
bonus CD from Biotechnology Australia.

...Plus plenty more!

Visit www.csiro.au/helix or call 02 6276 6643 to subscribe. The Helix is
also available at selected newsagents. Schools are eligible for great
discounts on bulk quantities - please contact us.

Happy reading
CSIRO Education

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