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Tue Aug 1 09:18:45 CEST 2006

Cafe Scientific Presents...
GENE DREAMS OR GENE SCHEMES - Are geneticists working to improve the  
quality of our lives or the quantity of their research grants?!
7pm, Tuesday 8 August 2006
The Red Room
University of Queensland, St Lucia Campus

As part of the 11th International Congress on Human Genetics,  
Brisbane with Nobel Laureate Sir John Sulston and special guests

With the cracking of the final human chromosome this year, the entire  
human genome has now been sequenced and the field of genetics is  
poised to dominate every aspect of our lives. New genetic discoveries  
are constantly being made which, it is claimed, could help predict  
anything from a person's IQ to their sporting prowess, propensity to  
develop cancer or alcoholism, or even the ability to use chopsticks!  
But will we ever have the technical know-how and the big bucks to  
turn these dreams into a reality - and do we really want to? Come  
along, ask a question and learn something new.

Hosted by Bernie Hobbs, ABC Science (contactable for interview on  
0408 193 565)

With special guests:

Sanger Centre Cambridge, Nobel Laureate, Human Genome Project

DR KRIS BARLOW-STEWART  (contactable for interview on 0417 487 028)
Director of the Centre for Genetics Education, Royal North Shore  
Hospital, Sydney

Executive Director of the Life Knowledge Park, UK and Head of the  
Institute of Human genetics

Canada Research Chair, Molecular Physiology, Carleton University in  
Ottawa, Canada.

Free, no bookings

For transport from Brisbane Convention Centre – walk to South Bank  
Parklands Ferry Terminal 1 or 2 for City Cat to UQ at 5.41pm or 6.08pm

(Café Scientific is a partnership between ABC Science, New Scientist  
magazine and British Council Australia)

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