[ASC-media] Sixteen Fresh Scientists thrown in a media 'boot camp'

Niall Byrne niall at scienceinpublic.com.au
Sun Aug 6 16:11:08 CEST 2006

And a party

Want to cover more science, but fed up with incomprehensible media
releases and verbose scientists? 

Fresh Science invites you to meet sixteen young scientists with results,
who have been chosen for a four day communication boot camp. They will
present their work at the pub, over cocktails, to students, and to the
media. And the most time they ever get is five minutes. Each has a new
discovery - not all are giant breakthroughs, but all are news in one way
or another. 

Three will present their stories to the media at a Tuesday morning media
conference, and another three on Thursday. The rest of the stories will
be released over the following two weeks. 

We'd like to invite journalists to meet all 16 of them - down the pub
tonight, Monday evening, or over cocktails on Tuesday evening. Details

And the first three stories - embargoed to 10 am Tuesday, 8 August, are:

Fighting sepsis
There are 18 million cases of sepsis each year, causing 500,000 deaths.
But there is no effective treatment to this overloading of the body's
immune response. A Monash Institute researcher will report on his
discovery of a protein that could calm the storm and save lives. 

The physics of salad dressing and shampoo
A Melbourne University team has discovered how to control how droplets
collide in emulsions. The discovery, reported in the journal Science, is
crucial to manipulating emulsions in products ranging from shampoo to

Diamonds: not really forever after all
Diamonds lie at the heart of every continent. And there may be more of
them under the Earth's surface than we previously thought. But getting
them out takes incredibly violent, spasmodic volcanic events. A
Macquarie University has discovered that the lives of diamonds are
shorter and more violent than suspected. 

Meet this years Fresh Scientists:
*	Fresh Science at the Redback, 7 pm Monday 7 August, Redback
Brewery Hotel 75 Flemington Rd, Nth Melbourne
*	Fresh Science cocktails at the Melbourne Museum, 6 pm Tuesday 8
August, Life Sciences Gallery
*	Press conference: Melbourne Museum, 10 am Tuesday 8 August

*	And on Thursday, same time for three more stories: Playing
possum - one love or free love? 
Measuring colour vision; and Patterson's curse good for salmon.

Full stories and images will be online at www.freshscience.org from 10am
Tuesday 8 August. 

Media contact: Sarah Brooker on 0413 332 489 and Niall Byrne on 0417 131
977 or niall at freshscience.org


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