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Story Opportunities from Australasian Science, September 2006
Why Do Men Make Sperm and Women 
Make Eggs?

Australian scientists are examining the tricks our cells play to make sure
that sperm and eggs are produced just where and when they are needed.
Lonely Hearts in Biodiversity Hotspots

While flowering plants bribe animals to deliver their pollen, studies reveal
that reproduction is limited in nearly two-thirds of species.
Nanocircuits in 3-D

A revolutionary new approach to building circuits and devices is opening up
as materials scientists work out a variety of ways to grow nanowires out
from a semiconductor wafer.
Malaria Treatment: It Won¹t Happen Overnight But It Will Happen

The future weapon against malaria may be a common ingredient found in
Magpies Turn Their Cheek On Junk Food

Are we doing the Australian magpie irreparable damage by feeding it tidbits
in our backyards or do they maintain a balanced diet?
Growing a Gut in a Petri Dish

A new technique has enabled researchers to visualise how gene mutations
contribute to the beginnings of colon cancer.
Green Cleaners May Revive Sick Soils

The key to reclaiming soils contaminated by heavy metals could rest with a
common humble fungus.
Is Our S&T Built on a House of Cards?

Australia¹s science and technology skills base is not being supported
adequately, with dire consequences for the nation¹s future.
conSCIENCE: Government Is "Determined to Silence Independent Opinion"

Ian Lowe chronicles how the stacking and sacking of public boards, reviews
and task forces has been driven by ideology and is suppressing new ideas
arising from science.

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