[ASC-media] Search for carp breeding "hotspots"

joanne.finlay at dpi.nsw.gov.au joanne.finlay at dpi.nsw.gov.au
Mon Mar 13 14:54:21 EST 2006

Search for carp breeding 'hotspots' underway

Scientists are searching for potential carp breeding sites in inland NSW 
rivers in order to identify important recruitment 'hotspots' for the fish 
that has become Australia's number one inland freshwater pest.

Recent good rain throughout inland NSW has led to reasonably high flows in 
many river systems ? and these are a cue for initiating spawning in many 
fish including the noxious carp.

Research by NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) scientists has 
found that carp do not reproduce throughout entire river systems and that 
the vast majority of carp breed at a relatively small number of locations.

Sampling for carp larvae was done at, and downstream of, potential carp 
breeding sites, soon after these high flows passed.

NSW DPI fisheries scientist, Dean Gilligan, said identification of these 
'hot spots' provides important opportunities for carp control.

Larval carp sampling to identify the most important 'hotspots' is being 
done across the entire Murray-Darling Basin by NSW DPI scientists working 
with counterparts in Victoria, South Australia and Queensland.

Dr Gilligan said the 'hotspots' can then be targeted using a range of 
control options that are to be identified under a detailed Integrated Pest 
Management strategy.

The strategy is to be developed by fisheries scientists working with the 
Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre.

Carp are the most significant pest of freshwater river systems in 
Australia, impacting on native fish communities, recreational fisheries 
and riverine environments. They dominate many river systems, comprising an 
average of around 80% of the fish biomass in many areas. 

Contact: Dean Gilligan, NSW DPI, Narrandera, on (02) 6959 9031 or dean.gilligan at dpi.nsw.gov.au. 

Media inquiries: Joanne Finlay, Science Communication Specialist, NSW DPI, 
on (02) 63913171or 0428 491813.

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