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28 February 2006 - apologies for delayed posting 


Science Media Release 06/01











Plant disease expert appointed to Trust

One of our brightest young plant doctors, Dr Edward Liew, has been
appointed as Plant Pathologist at the Botanic Gardens Trust. Dr Liew
will lead the Plant Disease Diagnostic Unit at the Gardens and continue
his research on plant pathogenic fungi and the diseases that they cause.


Dr Liew comes highly recommended from the University of Sydney where he
was employed as a Research Fellow on plant diseases and their diagnosis
in Indonesia and Vietnam. He has supervised many postgraduate students
with an interest in disease-causing microorganisms, as well as
unravelling the evolution of plant pathogenic fungi.


The Trust's Diagnostic Unit provides expert advice on hundreds of pests
and diseases of plants, with a focus on sustainable controls.  Its
customers include home gardeners, arborists and land managers. 



15 new species of fresh water algae

In a paper to be published in the upcoming issue of the Trust's
international journal Telopea, Dr Stephen Skinner and Dr Tim Entwisle
describe 15 species of algae that are new to science. These algae were
collected from all over Australia, and most of them appear to be unique
to Australia. This research highlights that there are still many areas
of our biodiversity yet to be fully explored.



International Mycotoxins Conference held at Royal Botanic Gardens

Huge quantities of food are wasted every year because they are invaded
by toxic fungi or undesired fungal products. These fungal poisons,
'mycotoxins', are found in a quarter of the world's food crops and can
have huge financial and human consequences - leading to reduced
production, illness or even death. A symposium sponsored by the European
Commission, the Italian Embassy in Australia and the Department of
Education, Science and Training was held last week at the Royal Botanic
Gardens in Sydney (part of the Botanic Gardens Trust). It focussed on
the importance of detection and identification of the fungi causing
these toxins and of the management of the toxicoses they caused. Apart
from the increased awareness raised by the meeting the other main
outcome was strengthen guidelines on toxin assessment.



Seedquest hits 500

Seedquest, a joint program of the Botanic Gardens Trust and the
Millennium Seed Bank at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew has reached its
first milestone. Over the last two years, the viable seed from 569
species from all over NSW has been collected and stored. Many of these
species are rare and threatened. 


The seed are stored under specialised conditions at the NSW Seedbank at
Mount Annan Botanic Garden. The collection is an 'insurance policy' for
the protection of these species, as well as source of research material
to understand their biology and horticulture. A small proportion of the
seed is being germinated to study their propagation requirements so we
can better manage the natural populations, or in some extreme cases,
reseed them. This program is an critical part of the protection of
threatened species in NSW. 


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