[ASC-media] Forget the budget - tackle the cost of Australia's waste instead!

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Tackling the waste mountain

For immediate release, Tues 9 May 2006


It is estimated that each Australian leaves 360 kg of waste per year for collection by councils. For a family of four that's enough to fill three or more large four-wheel drive vehicles.


Enviro 06 Conference & Exhibition will host a diverse and dynamic forum examining waste management issues from planning, legislature and quarantine to the latest technologies of capturing, converting and capitalising on waste. It is to be held 9-11 May at the Melbourne Conference & Exhibition Centre.


 "In our current consumer economy, more than 90 percent of gross domestic product goes to form waste and about 80 percent  of all saleable products end up as waste, on average within just six months," according to Dr. John White, Chairman of waste processing company, Global Renewables (subsidiary company of GRB Limited).


In a world of declining natural resources and over consumption the management of waste is a rapidly expanding industry and an increasing challenge for governments and legislators around the world. 


 "The forecast demand for capital expenditure in NSW on waste infrastructure alone is about AUS$600m over the next 5 years," according to Paul Howlett, Chair of Enviro 06 Conference & Exhibition. 


With NSW accounting for some 35 percent of the Australian market, this estimate could be extrapolated to roughly 2 billion over the next 10 years for waste management infrastructure nationally.


This figure, based on in-house estimates by Wright Corporate Strategy, represents the amount that needs to be spent if all state governments are to meet published targets for waste minimilisation.


Highlights of the waste presentations:

(papers at: www.enviroaust.net, Technical Program Search)


Bird flu - Hypothetical or not?  - Daniel Fyfe of SITA, paper e6428.


Establishing new hazardous waste facilities in Victoria

Rob McLellan of Major Projects Victoria, paper e6379.


Hazardous waste of alternative fuel? The cement kiln option for sustainability

John Hewitson of Geocycle, paper e6270



Dr John White, Chairman, Global Renewables -  0419 528 478

john.white at globalrenewables.com


Paul Howlett, Chair, Enviro 06 Conference & Exhibition, mobile:  0412 500 702

paul.howlett at wrightstrategy.com, 


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