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Saving waste $$$ - 4 simple TOP TIPS

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Waste is likely to cost $2 billion nationally over the next decade, just for providing the needed landfill sites, waste treatment centres and other infrastructure.


For example, New South Wales is likely to need to spend about $600million on waste infrastructure over the next five years. This figure, based on in-house estimates by Wright Corporate Strategy, represents the amount that needs to be spent if the state government is to meet published targets for waste minimisation. 


"With NSW accounting for some 35 percent of the Australian market, this estimate can be extrapolated to roughly $2 billion over the next 10 years for waste management infrastructure nationally," says Paul Howlett, Director of Wright Corporate Strategy and Chair of Enviro 06.

Mr Howlett says there are four top ideas that can be implemented by local councils, businesses and householders with little additional cost or trouble.

1. Provide small sealable red plastic bags to each household for disposal of dry cell and mobile phone batteries in the recycling bins.  The red bags can be collected at the recycling plant and the batteries processed.

2. Make kerbside collection of recyclables available to small businesses in city areas.  The rubbish collection services already drive past these businesses, the businesses already pay for the service in their council rates, and significant additional amounts of paper and cardboard
could be recovered.

3. Send waste collections from CBD high-rise office buildings to paper recovery plants instead of landfill.  Upwards of 70% of office waste is paper based, and mostly uncontaminated by food or liquids.  This approach would reduce the cost of rubbish collection and disposal for the
businesses, increase the amount of paper resources recovered and reduce the demand on landfill

4. Intercept waste delivered to transfer stations and landfills by self-haul (i.e. those people with a trailer or small truck) and sort to remove recoverable resources and separate wet waste from dry waste.  This will increase the recovery of resources and reduce the demand for high-cost landfill space.


Enviro 06 is designed to address the latest in research and practice in the important field of waste management.  From green cities to zero waste, both the exhibition and conference will provide valuable insights into the future development of resource and waste management across Australia and around the world.


For detailed program and papers, see the Enviro website: www.enviroaust.net

For interview: Mr Paul Howlett, Chair of Enviro 06, phone 0412 500 702

For media assistance: Jenni Metcalfe: 0408 551 866, jenni at econnect.com.au; Sarah Bartlett: 0404 504 258, sarah at econnect.com.au


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