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BARLEY BELLY? – WA molecular geneticist and barley breeder, Chengdao Li has
taken time from developing low-calorie barley to debunk the common fallacy
that beer is simply fattening.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns =
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“Beer contains no fat or cholesterol, although it does contain calories from
sugars and alcohol.


“Combined with evidence that moderate beer drinking can help increase
dietary folate, reduce cholesterol, slash the chance of repeat heart
attacks, mitigate stress and slow mental degradation in the elderly, beer’s
true health value begins to emerge,” Dr Li said.


He and his GRDC-supported colleagues at DAFWA are working with Dr Evan Evans
of the University of Tasmania to develop a new barley that, when malted for
brewing, will produce lower calorie beers.

Contact: Dr Chengdao Li, Tel 08 9368 3843



NEIGHBOURLY NOZZLES – If growers want to maintain good relations with their
neighbours and maximise weed kill when spraying glyphosate, they should
match spray nozzles with prevailing weather conditions.


GRDC-supported researcher, Harm van Rees of Birchip Cropping Group, said
growers could avoid glyphosate drifting over the fence during spraying by
avoiding nozzles that produced a fine droplet spectrum.


“Under high risk drift conditions, use nozzles that produce a medium to
coarse droplet.


“Nozzles with lower drift potential, such as the low drift nozzle (DG
110-02) and the air inducted nozzle (AI110-015), can produce highly
effective weed control with glyphosate,” Dr van Rees said.

Contact: Dr Harm van Rees, Mob 0408 506 478



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