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23 May 2006

Media are invited to attend presentations on the latest in Antarctic  
science and logistics at July's 2nd SCAR Open Science Conference in  
Hobart being held in conjunction with the Standing Committee on  
Antarctic Logistics and Operations (SCALOP) Symposium. Both are part  
of the joint biennial meetings of the Scientific Committee for  
Antarctic Research and the Council of Managers of National Antarctic  
Programmes (SCAR/COMNAP 2006) a jam-packed 12 day program expected to  
draw over 700 international and local delegates.
Under the theme 'Antarctica in the Earth system', the Open Science  
Conference is THE world event in Antarctic science, with keynote  
speakers and thematic sessions showcasing the latest thinking on all  
aspects of current Antarctic research, particularly in areas  
highlighting the close connections between Antarctic processes and  
other parts of the Earth System , such as global climate studies.

Some of the research being presented includes the discovery of  
bacteria living under the ice, new kinds of sea spiders living in the  
harsh Antarctic seas, the latest in climate change markers in the  
Antarctic environment and how animals are being used to collect data  
on themselves without the need for intrusive research methods.  
Presentations on the latest in science technology, environmental  
management and the human element in the Antarctic experience will be  
on offer.

A Public Open Day on Saturday 15 July  will provide public access to  
the SCALOP Trade Exhibition that will showcase Tasmania's leading  
companies supporting Antarctic research and logistics, and feature a  
Public Lecture by the Australian Antarctic Division's Chief  
Scientist, Professor Michael Stoddart, exploring the taxpayer's role  
in Antarctic Science, in a talk entitled 'The Taxpayer in Antarctica:  
public money, public good?'

All media are welcome FREE of charge to attend any session of the  
Open Science Conference and the Trade Exhibition. Media will be able  
to register at the Media Centre to make their connections and  
particular arrangements. Interviews are available by appointment at  
the conference media centre. Generally, interviews will be available  
at morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea, although in some cases other  
times can be arranged. Stories can also be arranged and researched in  
advance by contacting the media centre.

The online media centre will go live in early July, at  

For media registrations, stories and bookings, contact the SCAR/ 
COMNAP media centre:

Jess Tyler
SciBiz Media
jtyler at scibizmedia.com.au
0408 298 292

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