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Embryonic Stem Cells Remain in the Freezer
While a new centre for adult stem cell research has received funding,
scientists are frustrated that the Lockhart Committee¹s recommendations for
embryonic stem cell research are being kept on ice.
Megafauna Mix-Up 
Fresh evidence indicates that humans were responsible for the extinction of
Australia¹s megafauna, not climate change.

Dolphins Join the Culture Club
Genetic analyses show that tool use is culturally transmitted by bottlenose
dolphins in Shark Bay, making them the only marine mammals that have
demonstrated a material culture.

Dingoes in the Dark
A pioneering technology to film animals at night could illuminate the
mysteries of Australia¹s wild dogs.
Fish, Floods and Fallacy
For many freshwater fish, floods are considered to be the best time to spawn
but new research has overturned this long-held belief.
Climate Change: A Tern for the Worse?
The sooty tern and other seabirds offer insights into changing sea-surface
temperatures and their ecological consequences.
The Engine Rooms of Plants
Understanding plant metabolism may unlock more sustainable plant
productivity and a lower environmental footprint for agriculture in the face
of increasing and unpredictable environmental stresses.
Sea Snakes: Survival of the Slipperiest
Diversity and sheer numbers contribute to the success of sea snakes in the
marine environment, but will that be enough for them to survive human
Groundwater Isn¹t A Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free Card
Plans to extract groundwater to ³drought-proof² Sydney will have widespread
ecological and economic consequences.
Saving Aussie Science from Third World Status
Ted Roach explains why Australia¹s trade debt threatens Australia¹s
competitiveness in R&D.

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