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A survey has shown that more WA farmers are rotating wheat on wheat.


Five years ago, four small grower groups were surveyed in a Grains Research
and Development Corporation (GRDC) supported Integrated Weed Management
(IWM) project.


Between surveys in 2001 and 2005, the area sown to lupins shrunk due to
increasing weed pressure, dry seasons and low prices.


Resistant ryegrass was the biggest problem in 2001, but by 2005 most growers
were successfully managing it. However, resistant wild radish is a growing
problem, which could cause as much or more problems than ryegrass.


Trifluralin has played a big role in improving ryegrass control. However,
growers using a combination of trifluralin and IWM are achieving the best


GRDC-supported Department of Agriculture and Food researcher, Peter Newman
said the weed control was achieved through combining rotation systems with
herbicide and non-herbicide weed management techniques.


Mr Newman added that growers maintaining continuous cropping regimes,
relying entirely on herbicides for weed control, will ultimately develop
resistance to key herbicides such as glyphosate, 2,4-D and trifluralin.


The best way to maintain low weed pressure and minimise the risk of
developing trifluralin resistance is to include a non-crop phase and a
diverse range of IWM techniques, while alternating herbicide groups.


Managing seed banks at harvest by burning windrows and/or using chaff carts
will also minimise weed pressure.


Mr Newman recommends growers use trifluralin over a low ryegrass seed bank.


Ideally, ryegrass numbers should be reduced by a non-crop phase before
switching to trifluralin to maintain this low population.



The Crop Doctor is GRDC Managing Director, Peter Reading, Tel 02 6272 5525

Further Information: Peter Newman, Tel 08 9956 8563

GRDC REF: cdapril064.doc/DAW672/Sandow


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