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PURITY POINT - Barley growers need to be aware of varietal purity when
preparing their seed for the coming season.
GRDC Western Panel member David Capper said varietal purity of malting
barley was critical as it dramatically affected malting and brewing
performance and this was the time of year growers considered seed for sowing
next year.
"Receival standards for varietal purity are 95 per cent, however export
customers usually demand a 98 per cent purity minimum. Unfortunately, there
is no receival point test for varietal purity, so the system relies on
growers' declarations being accurate.
"Varietal purity isn't just an issue for growers. Everyone in the grain
supply chain plays a part. Breeders, commercial seed growers, seed cleaners
and bulk handlers can all contribute to varietal impurities and need to
continually review their practices," Mr Capper said.
Varietal purity testing is available through numerous sources, including the
CBH Group and the Department of Agriculture and Food.

Contact: David Capper, Tel 08 9454 0356


BARLEY BOOST - WA's newest barley variety, the adaptable and plump-grained
Vlamingh, has received the nod from the Western Region Barley Council to
receive malting barley status in 2007.


WA accounted for 33 per cent of the national barley crop in 2004-05, with
barley and malt exports totalling $513 million. The 2.4 million tonnes
harvested that year represented a 20 per cent jump over the five year


Vlamingh breeders, Dr Chengdao Li and Dr Reg Lance of the Department of
Agriculture and Food, hope it will continue to boost WA's thriving malting
barley industry. The GRDC supported the development of Vlamingh, regarded as
an all-terrain grain suited to five of WA's six 'ag zones'.


Growers can access information about Vlamingh and other varieties by
visiting the National Variety Trials website, HYPERLINK

Contact: Dr Chengdao Li , Tel 08 9368 3843

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