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Advances in ICT have remade our world over the last 20 years and the next 20
years will see similarly large changes in our daily lives due to further
advances in ICT.


This is the confident prediction given today by Dr Rodney Brooks, Director
of the renowned Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA, and the Panasonic Professor of


Dr Brooks is addressing “ICT Over the Next 20 Years – Restructuring the
World” at New Technology for Infrastructure - The World of Tomorrow, the
annual symposium of the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and
Engineering, at the Sofitel Wentworth Hotel, Sydney. 


“The ICT Revolution – Technologies, Impacts and Benefits” session (4pm –
5.30pm) also includes Mr Michael Treschow, Chair of Ericsson, Sweden
addressing “The Next Generation of ICT” and Dr Steve Hodgkinson, Research
Director Public Sector, Ovum, Australian Government Information Management
Office addressing “Emerging Technologies and Improved Service Delivery.”


Dr  Brooks explained just a few of the changes in ICT over the last 20 years
including  instant-anywhere communication on mobile phones, to world-wide
access to our bank accounts at ATMs, to digital cameras, and the world's
knowledge available all the time everywhere on the Web.  


“We should expect similarly disruptive changes in the next twenty years.
Some will be driven by consumer pull and some by technology push,” said the
robotics expert who did undergraduate degrees at the Flinders University and
moved to the USA in the late ‘70’s.


“The capacity of an iPod has been doubling every year; at the current rate
by 2025 we'll be able to carry around in our pocket every movie and TV show
ever made on a A$500 iPod,” said Dr Brooks.


“Major companies such as Microsoft, Oracle, and Google either didn't exist
or were unheard of 20 years ago.  20 more years of the ICT revolution will
bring about new powerful companies.”


“Given the new global infrastructure that ICT has already brought us, these
new mega-players could originate in the US, China, Latvia, Australia, or
almost anywhere else where people are willing to dare,” he said.


Dr Brooks, who works in both the engineering of intelligent robots and with
understanding human intelligence, explained that information technology has
reached out and touched all our lives, but it is largely limited by our own
senses as the ultimate input or output to the Web and telephony.  


“We are starting to see sensor networks and robots as the peripheral devices
of the global information infrastructure and that will change our world yet
again,” he said.


“Demographic shifts to a larger, but ICT-savvy, elder population will
provide new pulls on ICT, and new exponential developments will restructure
ICT and change what the hot and important research topics are,” he said.


Dr Brooks concluded that there will be incredible opportunities for new
players to enter the field, just as so many have over the last 20 years.


For further information or to organize interviews, contact Cathy Reade,
Media Manager, 0413 575 934 or 02 9228 9175 or em: HYPERLINK
"mailto:creade at squirrel.com.au"creade at squirrel.com.au


Images and video of Dr Brooks’ robotic work at  HYPERLINK

which also has a link to a directory of "press ready" versions of images at
higher resolution at: HYPERLINK
ail.mit.edu/edsinger/image/domo/press_img/ and 

Vidoes are at:



The ATSE wishes to thank the sponsors for this event, including Arup
Australia; Cisco; Cochlear Limited; CSIRO Energy Technology; CSIRO ICT
Centre; CSIRO Publishing; Department of Transport and Regional Services;
Leighton Holdings; Macquarie Bank; NICTA; ResMed Foundation; Transurban
Group; University of NSW - Malcolm Chaikin Foundation; University of
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Victoria University


ATSE is an independent body of eminent Australian engineers and scientists
established to promote the application of scientific and engineering
knowledge to practical purposes




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