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Media Release

24 November 2006


Name of new brain institute announced


The name 'Florey Neuroscience Institutes (FNI)' has been given to the
amalgamated entity of the Brain Research Institute, Howard Florey
Institute and National Stroke Research Institute. The Mental Health
Research Institute, which will co-locate with the FNI in Parkville, will
continue to operate under its name.


In an ambitious plan, the four Institutes will join forces in new
facilities, which will be built at the University of Melbourne's
Parkville campus and at the Austin Hospital in Heidelberg. The $175M
project, partly funded by the State and Federal Governments, was
announced in April 2006.


The amalgamating Institutes will also continue to operate under their
respective current identities. 


Howard Florey Institute Director, Professor Frederick Mendelsohn said,
"The FNI will enhance Australia's ability to compete internationally at
the forefront of brain research, leading to discoveries that will
benefit people around the world affected directly and indirectly by
brain disorders."


Other recent FNI developments include:


*           the University of Melbourne has agreed to contribute up to
$46M towards an expansion of the new neuroscience buildings on its
campus in Parkville and at the Austin Hospital. The Parkville building
will accommodate almost 200 University of Melbourne neuroscience
researchers with FNI and MHRI staff, and the Austin Hospital will
accommodate around 100 University of Melbourne researchers with FNI

*           The new building at Parkville will be approximately 20,000m2
in size and the new building at the Austin Hospital will be
approximately 5,500 m2, producing a wonderful opportunity for Melbourne
neuroscience researchers to work together on a regular basis

*           the creation of a joint scientific vision to guide the FNI
and the Mental Health Research Institute during the next five years

*           steady progress by Design Inc, the company engaged to
undertake a needs analysis and feasibility study for the project. The
Design Inc study will provide the Project Committee with a document to
guide the construction of two new buildings at Parkville and at the
Austin Hospital

*           the establishment of a number of working groups exploring
various aspects of the project. These include an Amalgamation Working
Group, a Building Committee, an Operations Working Group, and a
Commercialisation Working Group. All groups report to the main Project
Committee, chaired by Mr Martyn Myer, and are working on establishing
frameworks for this exciting project


*           Global advertising agency, M&C Saatchi, has been appointed
to develop a brand identity for the FNI, including a logo.



For more information contact:

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