[ASC-media] Back copies available of Nature (9 years) and Science (7 years)

Peter Pockley scicomm at bigpond.net.au
Mon Nov 27 00:07:09 CET 2006

PLEASE COPY this to anyone likely to be interested ; especially Librarians.

Dear fellow members of the media interested in science,

Science Communication (my professional vehicle) has completely run 
out of storage space and, with reluctance, we must clear out several 
years of the international journals, Nature and Science (as separate 
blocks or together).

While the trend is towards electronic copies of journals, some 
organisations, or even individuals, may be interested in obtaining 
these physical copies.

I would greatly prefer to find a home for these copies in a resource 
for the media or research, rather than having to discard them for 
recycling. The issues are offered only as complete sets, not as 
individual copies for filling the odd gap in an existing collection; 
this would create too much bother all round. Copies are well 
preserved in cardboard boxes, previously used for selling four reams 
of A4 paper, and are labelled with volume and issue numbers and dates.

The copies are available in the following ranges:

NATURE: 23 March 1995 (Vol 374, No 6520) to 14 October 2004 (Vol 431, 
No 7010) in 15 boxes/

SCIENCE: 8 August 1997 (Vol 277, No 5327) to 12 November 2004 (Vol 
306, No 5327 in 9 boxes

Each set includes the famous large issues of 15 and 16 February 2001, 
respectively, which published the Human Genome.

I shall be offering each block of copies as a gift to the selected 
organisation or individual, the only cost to the recipient being that 
of collection and delivery.

Applicants should state the use to which the copies will be put 
(repository with open access , etc). Responses would be appreciated 
before the Christmas break and not later than 21 December.

Thank you for your help.



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