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ANZAAS,  the Australian and New Zealand 
Association for the Advancement of Science, one 
of Australia's oldest scientific 
associations,  is pleased to announce that the 
recipient of the ANZAAS Medal in 2006  will 
be  Professor Raymond John Stalker,  AO 
Ph.D.,  D.Eng (Qld), FAA, FAIAA, FIEAust, 
FTSE  Emeritus Professor, Department of 
Mechanical Engineering at the University of Queensland.

Professor Stalker  receives the medal for his 
sustained scientific work and the building of a 
world class team of scientists and engineers over 
four decades related to the invention of the 
shock tunnel known as the Stalker Tube, and the 
development of new instrumentation methods, 
showing  that the concept could be applied at 
very high airspeeds.   The scramjet concept had 
remained untested at high speeds until the 
successful work of Stalker's research group.

First awarded on August 16th 1965 at the 38th 
ANZAAS Congress [in Hobart, Tasmania]  the ANZAAS 
Medal is awarded for services to the advancement 
of science,  or  the administration and 
organisation of scientific activities throughout 
Australia and New Zealand, or for contributions 
in science beyond the normal professional obligation.

The ANZAAS Medal is only presented to the 
recipient during the proceedings of a significant 
scientific event, which this year will be the 
opening ceremony of the XVII Congress of the 
Australian Institute of Physics to be held at the 
Brisbane Convention Centre from 4th ­ 8th December 2006.

Professor Stalker will be presented with the 
Medal by Gary Fenlon MP on Monday 4th December, 
at 8.30am   Professor Stalker joins a 
distinguished list of Australian based scientists 
who have previously received the Medal.

Editor's/Producer's Notes:

For further information:

Robert Perrin,
The University of Adelaide,
SA  5005.
Telephone: [08] 8303 4965
                    0407 742 203
                    [08] 8374 2203[h]
email: secretary at anzaas.org.au
ANZAAS Web site is:    http://www.anzaas.org.au

Professor Stalker can be contacted for interview on:

[07]  3365 3598 [laboratory]
[07]  3378 3591 [home]

e-mail:  r.stalker at uq.edu.au


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