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2 October 2006     
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Story Opportunities from Australasian Science, October 2006
Nanotech Safety: Who Is Responsible?
Regulation of nanotechnology products is being shared by a number of
agencies, potentially leading to a lack of ethical and legal clarity.
Dark Galaxies: Do They Exist?
A ³census² of the universe has taken a closer look at potential dark
galaxies in our galactic neighbourhood.
Genetic Links between Asthma and Obesity
Genetic research into asthma has uncovered a gene that is also implicated in
metabolic disease. 

Lessons from Dead Giants
Research into the extinction of a giant flightless bird reveals that
modification of Australia¹s environment by humans 50,000 years ago changed
Australia¹s climate, resulting in desertification and the extinction of
significant fauna.
Some Like It Hot
Some flowering plants may have evolved the ability to provide a warm meal to
attract pollinators.
Cloning Goes to the Movies
A survey examines what effects Hollywood is having on public perceptions of
Distress a Normal Part of Life for a Damsel
The stress of being around too many other females causes pregnant fish to
have smaller babies, with implications for reef resilience.
Switchable Nanoskin Separates the Good Oil
Researchers have developed a ³protein skin² that separates oil droplets in
water, with uses in oil and mineral extraction, wastewater treatment and
drug delivery.
Birdsong Science 
What are the physics behind the wide range of songs produced by birds?
Stemming a ³Dramatic² Decline in Science Enrolments
John McKenzie says that science education at primary, secondary and tertiary
levels define Australia¹s future technology and innovation.

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