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Tue Sep 5 07:39:20 CEST 2006

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Conference

Anorexia, child soldiers, attention deficit, natural disasters and
mental health. These are some of the topics being discussed at the 

17th World Congress of the International Association of Child &
Adolescent Psychiatry & Allied Professions

September 10 - 14 2006

Melbourne Convention Centre

Topics to be discussed include:

-	Tackling anorexia and eating disorders in children

-	Children dealing with HIV/AIDS

-	The latest safety concerns on prescribing anti-depressants to

-	How a child's future behaviour can be influenced during

-	Child soldiers in Africa

-	ADHD and learning disorders

-	Child abuse in Indigenous society

-	The importance of fighting for children's human rights

International and local speakers will be available for interview, and
daily media updates will be provided when the conference opens.

The full conference program is available at www.iacapap2006.com

Contacts: for further information - Tom Noble, 0408 332 880,
tomnoble at hotmail.com

For interviews and logistics - Jo Gajewski, (0429) 388 822,
jo at scienceinpublic.com

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