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Drifting proteas or continents? Historical biogeography of the Proteaceae 
Join Dr Peter Weston as he explores the world of proteas and the drifting continents to uncover clues about the evolution of an iconic plant family. Using modern molecular dating techniques and historical material from the likes of Joseph Hooker and Charles Darwin, he maps the evolution of proteas across Australia and the continents.
Peter's talk is inspired, in part by his recent collaboration with the Botany Department of Rhodes University in South Africa.
This lecture is the second in The Origin of Species: The Australian Connection, a series of lectures that highlight the contribution of Australian material in developing the ideas of Charles Darwin, who visited Australia as the naturalist on the Beagle in 1836.
The Academy is taking on a pro-active role in countering those who seek to have Intelligent Design taught as an alternative to evolution in Australian schools. The Academy is providing a series of public lectures that will highlight the science of evolution by profiling evolution at work in Australia's fauna, flora and geology and its place in Gondwana. The series will culminate in a celebration of the 300th anniversary of the birth of Carl Linnaeus on 23 May 2007, whose taxonomic binomial nomenclature for plants and animals was developed in the 1750s.
More information www.science.org.au/events/publiclectures/index.htm
Dr Peter Weston 
Principal Research Scientist 
National Herbarium of New South Wales 
Botanic Gardens Trust 
Department of Environment and Conservation (NSW) 
Royal Botanic Gardens
When: Tuesday 3 October 2006
Where: Shine Dome, Gordon Street, Canberra
Time: Refreshments 5.30pm, lecture 6.00-7.00pm
Cost: Free
Free parking 
Bookings are recommended for those wanting refreshments. RSVP to Susie susie.barratt at science.org.au; phone 02 6201 9401; or fax 02 6201 9494. 

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