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World-Wide Day in Science

A global snapshot of a day in science

Amateur journalists ranging in age from 15 to 60 have created a global
snapshot of a day in science for the World-Wide Day in Science 2006.

Their rough and ready stories and photos have the ring of truth,

 * Which recent Nobel laureate was fascinated by electromagnets at the
age of eight?

 * Where Sri Lanka’s top mathematics student of twenty years ago is

 * Who was lured into particle physics by the smell of her father’s

 * What job was gleefully abandoned in favour of speech pathology?

 * Who gave up work on a sheep station for the laboratory?

The amateur reporters collected 170 stories about everyday lives in
science on April 12th, 2006, this year’s World-Wide Day in Science.

Stories poured in from South America, North America, Europe, Asia,
Africa, and the Middle East, as well as, of course, Australia.

Day in Science stories are now on the web ?

These stories serve as a career guide for high school students.

Each scientist or scientific professional recounted the high point of
their day, what their job entails generally, and what drew them to
science when they were young.

"Their interest when young is the ‘hook.’  It shows high school students
that someone who shares their curiosity about how things work or why
plants grow has achieved a satisfying career in science," states Day in
Science originator, Dr Will Rifkin, Director of the Science
Communication Program at the University of New South Wales.

"We aim to attract bright students to study science at university to
combat a decline in science enrolments.  That decline is evident across
the developed world and in rapidly growing economies, such as India and
Korea," Rifkin noted.

World-Wide Day in Science stories are in the preferred format of today’s
youth ? multi-media.

The quality of presentation varies -- a stunning horizon from Uruguay
and a "family album" look from Sydney.  But the stories are all

The work of amateurs indeed.

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