[ASC-media] Eating disorders, mental health and diet, and many more

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Cell2Soul - a national conference of psychiatrists - starts on Monday
and runs to 3 May 2007.


There are many intriguing stories, and ex-Age journo Tom Noble is
coordinating the media program. He says, 


Do you want to know more about:


*	Why eating disorders are on the rise in Australia


*	How a lack of psychiatric treatment may be affecting the
homicide rate


*	How diet can affect mental health


*	Why women react worse to a partner's prostate cancer diagnosis


*	The cost to business of staff with a mental health disorder


*	The effects of Cyclone Larry on children


*	How magnetic stimulation to the brain can help depression


*	Dealing with mental health patients in hospital emergency


*	And much, much more.... 



These are some of the topics being discussed at the annual conference of
the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatry.


It begins in Queensland next Monday (Monday 30 April). 


For media information on the conference, contact Tom Noble on 0408 332
880 or tom at noblepr.com.au or go to cell2soul.com.au







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