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New herbicide registered for vegetable industry

Australian vegetable growers have access to a new weapon in their fight
against weeds. A new herbicide, Frontier-P (dimethenamid-P), has been
developed by national research organisation Peracto Pty Ltd, and is now
registered for weed management in green bean, navy bean, pea, pumpkin,
kabocha and sweet corn crops, as well as maize and poppies.
Peracto¹s senior researcher Phillip Frost believes that the registration of
Frontier-P is a significant event for the vegetable industry, with many
growers set to reap benefits from the weed management product.
³The availability of crop protection products for Australian vegetable
growers has been an ongoing issue,² Phillip said. ³However, the introduction
of new products is very important to the continued efficiency and
sustainability of the vegetable industry.
³Unfortunately the registration of a new herbicide in vegetable crops is
extremely rare. For example, the only other selective broadleaf herbicide
(based on a new active ingredient) to be registered in green bean and
pumpkin crops in the past 27 years is Command, which was also registered as
a direct result of Peracto¹s research.²
Manufactured by BASF and distributed by Serve-Ag, Frontier-P has been
registered for the management of a variety of weeds, including Crowsfoot
Grass (Eleusine indica), Barnyard Grass (Echinochloa crus galli), Summer
Grass (Digitaria ciliaris), Amaranthus (Amaranthus spp.), Sow or Milk
Thistle (Sonchus oleraceous) and Wild Hops (Nicandra physaloides).
Initially, registration is approved for weed management in navy beans, green
beans, processing peas, pumpkin, kabocha and sweetcorn, however there is
potential for extending its use to other vegetable crops.
Gavin Heard, BASF¹s Technical & Regulatory Officer ­ Agricultural Products
believes that the development of Frontier P was made possible through the
strong support provided by the vegetable industry.
³This is a leading example of collaborations between research and industry
in bringing new products to market. Industry participation, like that seen
with Frontier-P, is vital to our business in getting projects across the
line,² Gavin said.
³Commercial cultivation of new ideas and products is critical for our
success. Our development pipeline is in good shape, with projects making
fast progress toward market introduction. Globally, BASF continues to focus
its research efforts on the promising fungicides and insecticides segments,
while pursuing selected opportunities in herbicides. To bring a new
herbicide to vegetable crops further shows BASF¹s commitment to the
Australian horticultural industries.²

Tasmanian bean grower Ian Young is delighted to finally see the herbicide
available to growers. As a long-term supporter of Frontier-P¹s development,
he was involved in a number of commercial trials for the herbicide during
the research stages of development.
³Amaranthus has long been a problem in our bean crops, and existing
herbicide treatments create stress on the plant, making them less than ideal
for management. However, Frontier-P, being a pre-emergent herbicide, creates
less stress on the beans, and is more cost effective for the grower.
³I¹ve been waiting a long time for this product to become commercially
available, and I¹m just happy that it¹s finally here,² Ian said.
About Peracto
Peracto is one of Australia's largest private agricultural research
organisations. The company provides a range of independent research,
development and related scientific and technical services to private and
corporate clients. Peracto works closely with all levels of industry from
growers through to agribusiness and the agricultural chemical industry.
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For more information, contact:
Phillip Frost, Regional Manager Tasmania,
Peracto Pty Ltd
16 Hillcrest Road, Devonport, Tas. 7310 Australia
Ph: +61 3 6423 2044
Fax: +61 3 6423 4876
pfrost at peracto.com.au

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