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11 December 2007 

Ref 07/246

Adopting New Technology in the Burdekin

A new research project in the Burdekin region of Queensland is
investigating what influences the region's graziers to adopt new
techniques and practices.

The joint project between CSIRO, James Cook University and Meat and
Livestock Australia (MLA) aims to assist graziers to take advantage of
advances related to livestock production.

"The rate of uptake of new ideas and technical advances among graziers
is not always as high as we hope," says Honours student Ms Liz Williams.

"This is despite considerable investment by the Commonwealth Government
and MLA in breeding programs, seasonal climate forecasting and other

Ms Williams is keen to explore the reasons why some new technologies are
taken up and others are not. She is inviting graziers in the Burdekin to
participate in a survey through telephone interviews.

"If we can understand Burdekin graziers' reasons for adopting or
declining to adopt new techniques and practices, we may be able to help
landholders make the most of advances that would really be of use to
them," she says.

The results from the survey will help tailor information about new
practices for the grazing community that could be more suited to a
grazier's lifestyle and business methods.

The study is due to be completed June next year, and a summary of the
findings will be sent directly to graziers who participate in the study.

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