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19 December 2007 

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CSIRO technologies for Christmas 

CSIRO's 'elves' have developed a range of technologies for the kitchen
and sleigh this Christmas.

Whether it's spreading cherries evenly through Christmas cake, cutting
excess froth from eggnog, or giving Santa's sleigh extra 'slide' and
protecting him from hot fireplaces, science can help.

"We weren't thinking about Christmas when we began treating toxic waste
with sound waves or mixing unmixable fluids, but CSIRO is committed to
providing scientific solutions of social, as well as industrial,
importance, and Christmas is of great social importance," says Dr Calum
Drummond, Chief of CSIRO Materials Science and Engineering (CMSE).

Saving Santa's skin - hot chimneys

Protective clothing for those whose work brings them near open flames,
like Santa when he slides down chimneys to deliver presents, is very
likely to have been through CSIRO's hands. CSIRO has facilities for
testing all kinds of materials from fabrics and furnishings to steel
girders and wall panels.

Contact: Garry Collins; 02 9490 5408, 0412 549 054

Cutting excess froth from eggnog

Everyone knows to pour beer or carbonated soft drinks slowly so they
don't foam up. In bottling plants, taking that much time is not an
option. CSIRO is helping industry solve the problem of frothy overflow
using waves of sound to burst the bubbles as they form.
Contact: Dr Tony Farmer; 02 9413 7365, 0418 417 242

Giving Santa's sled that extra slide

Tough, low-friction coatings are highly sought after for engine
components, tools, bicycle parts and medical implants because they
reduce wear and improve fuel efficiency, but it's not easy to make them
stick. CSIRO has developed internationally successful technology that
applies a very thin, smooth layer of super-hard materials such as
diamond-like carbon, creating coatings that last 10 - 15 times longer
than conventional ones.

Contact: Dr Scott Martin; 02 9413 7746, 0407 897 561

Spreading cherries evenly through Christmas cake

Christmas cake batter might be hard to mix by hand, but it's no struggle
for CSIRO's experts in fluid dynamics. They apply their expertise in
stirring thick and gooey things for all manner of industrial
applications from plastics to food. 

Contact: Dr Guy Metcalfe; 03 9252 6181, 0411 952 734

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