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19 December 2007 

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CSIRO goes back to school to learn about the future

School students in north-east Queensland's Cardwell Shire have been
working with CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems researcher, Dr Iris Bohnet, to
help develop a long-term, sustainable future plan for the area.

"It is important for our research to capture the whole community's ideas
and aspirations for the future," Dr Bohnet says  "This includes adults
from the different industry sectors and community groups as well as
those who will be adults in 2025."

Five local state schools, Tully, Feluga, Murray Upper, Mission Beach and
Cardwell, took the project idea into the classroom. They researched the
subject, invited local experts to talk about relevant topics such as
sustainable farming and subsequently produced a range of artworks
reflecting their visions for the future of the Shire. 

For example, students from the Murray Upper School built a
three-dimensional model of their valley while Tully students painted
what they would like Tully and surrounding areas to look like in 2025.
These works were displayed earlier this year at the Tully Show.

The ideas presented by the students stimulated much classroom

"Mission Beach students suggested bike paths throughout the Shire, while
Feluga students were interested in planting more trees along creeks in
collaboration with the local council," Dr Bohnet says. "Similar to the
ideas expressed at Tully and Murray Upper, Cardwell students, focused on
coastal mangrove protection, the future growth of their town and the
protection of native wildlife.

"This subsequently stimulated discussion about how compatible their
ideas are and what common priorities they have - an important process in
working towards a shared vision for a sustainable future of the Shire."

Using the combined knowledge gathered from more than 50 interviews,
three workshops, and the students' artwork, the project team will now
develop three future visions for the Cardwell Shire as a basis for
further community discussion.

An initiative of the CSIRO Water for a Healthy Country National
Flagship, the project is locally supported by the Cardwell Shire
Floodplain Program - a partnership between government, industry,
community groups, research providers and the regional Natural Resource
Management board.
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