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Special Theme: Intelligence
The January/February 2008 edition of Australasian Science, available from
tomorrow, has focuses on intelligence, from evidence for the development of
human culture 160,000 years ago to intelligence in animals, artificial
intelligence and alien intelligence.

The Roots of Human Behaviour
New research has extended the origins of modern human behaviour to 164,000
years ago, revealing that Homo sapiens did not undergo an abrupt Œcultural
revolution¹ only 40,000 years ago.
Cultural Revolution
The New Caledonian crow is challenging the idea that humans have a monopoly
on tool technology.
Small Brains, Smart Minds
Research reveals that bees may be capable of flexible learning.
Memories of Tomorrow
Do animals remember the past and plan for the future?
Studies of scrub-jays dispute the notion that humans are unique in the
ability of their minds to travel in time.
Centre of Attention
New research reveals how the brain controls the process of paying attention,
potentially enabling the understanding of disorders such as dyslexia.
Embodiment & the Sense of Self
Phantom limbs and out-of-body experiences are just two of the hallucinations
that occur when our sense of self is compromised.
I, Creature
Rodney Brooks argues that robots are creatures like us, complete with
computational aspirations and intentions.
Why Would ET Evolve Human-like Intelligence?
Human-like intelligence is not a convergent feature of evolution on Earth,
so why should we expect to find extraterrestrials that can build radio
reminiSCIENCE: A Religious Route to Science
Max Whitten never imagined a career in science until he began to question
his Catholic beliefs.
conSCIENCE: Model Systems Warrant Support
Paul Fisher says that Australia has neglected research on non-mammalian
model organisms that have had enormous impact on biomedicine

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