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3 July 2007
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Motivating Change: key to protecting farming systems

CSIRO has produced a practical handbook for catchment managers to assess
if an incentive program for biodiversity enhancement is appropriate in
their catchment.

The handbook, Motivating Change in the Catchment: A Guide to
Revegetation Design and Incentives for Catchment Management Bodies, will
be launched today by CSIRO and the Australia New Zealand Society for
Ecological Economics (ANZSEE) at the ANZSEE Conference, Noosaville,

"This practical and easy to read handbook encourages catchment managers
to assess environmental problems confronting their regions and to
consider if revegetation is the appropriate remedy," says Dr Wendy
Proctor, CSIRO Land and Water.

"If so, the handbook encourages managers to consider various forms of
incentives available to them to encourage landowners to provide
effective revegetation strategies." 

A range of incentive schemes that support revegetation and other
conservation management actions on private and public land have been
developed in recent years.  The handbook provides a thorough overview of
the various incentives, including stewardship payments, auctions and
suasive instruments. 

"Different types of incentives work better for different purposes,
different contextual situations and different communities," says Dr

"As it is important to get a good understanding of the type of community
that will be involved in the scheme, we have included a community
assessment survey to assist catchment managers to tailor appropriate
incentives. This is backed up by a range of principles to test if the
chosen scheme is suitable for the purpose."

There is a growing awareness that farming systems do not always fit with
landscape needs, and may cause dryland salinity, poor water quality, a
loss of native fish, and threats to biodiversity and native habitat.
Reintroducing trees and other vegetation is often an important part of
what needs to be done to address these problems and protect farming

To increase both uptake and cooperation when the scheme is implemented,
the handbook provides suggestions for including key stakeholders and the
community in the decision making process.

The Handbook was prepared by the CSIRO and the Queensland Department of
Natural Resources and Mines, and funded by the Australian Government
Department of the Environment and Water Resources.
A copy of the report can be found at

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