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July 4 2007
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Australian Wind Science on Song for Alinghi in America's Cup Win

CSIRO scientist, Dr Jack Katzfey, has put his research through one of
the toughest sailing contests - and contributed to a resounding 5-2
victory in Spain today for the America's Cup defender, Alinghi.

For Dr Katzfey, based at CSIRO Marine and Astmospheric Research
Aspendale laboratories, Melbourne, the Cup win in Valencia is his
second, having been a member of the team that also beat its New Zealand
competition on Auckland Harbour in 2003.

"Science is not often about sporting victories," said an elated Dr
Katzfey, who had the role to set up and run the models to do the weather
predictions for the team.  Each morning briefs are provided to the crew
as to what they could expect the wind conditions to be for the day.  He
also helped give advice to the race boat before the start about what the
winds would do during the race.

"The CSIRO CCAM model provides excellent guidance!" he said.

Their only losses in the series were the second race and third races.
The third race should not have been raced as the winds were very
unstable, race was won more on luck than skill.

"All in all, it was a most impressive performance by everyone in the
team," said Dr Katzfey who is a specialist in meteorology and
forecasting and a recreational sailor on Port Phillip Bay.

Dr Katzfey can be contacted in Valencia after 5pm Eastern Australian
time on + 34 678 687 428 (mobile) or  + 34 963 449 307 (office).  (5 pm
Eastern Australian time is 9 am in Valencia)

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