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5 July 2007
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Hazy days under the microscope

The impacts of atmospheric particles - such as dust, smoke, natural and
industrial emissions - on human health and climate are being examined at
a scientific workshop in Melbourne this week.

According to workshop coordinator and CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric
Research scientist Dr Melita Keywood, the aerosol workshop provides a
forum for Australian aerosol researchers and an opportunity for
scientific collaboration.

Particles in the atmosphere are important because they are known to
affect human health, Dr Keywood says.

"We know there is a correlation between the concentration of aerosols in
the atmosphere and human mortality, although it is not certain what it
is about the particles that affects human health," she says.

"Scientists are looking at both the chemistry and the size of the
particles to better understand the link with human health."

Dr Keywood says aerosols are also important because of their role in
climate, by impacting on rainfall and acting to either warm or cool the
climate depending on their size and what they are made of.

"More information on aerosols is needed to improve climate model
projections," Dr Keywood says.

Topics to be discussed at the workshop include:
* ultrafine particles and their impact on human health
* aerosols emitted from trees and other natural sources
* aerosols that form due to chemical reactions in the atmosphere
* the impacts of aerosols on rainfall
* indoor aerosols
* woodsmoke and dust as sources of atmospheric particle pollution.

The workshop runs from Wednesday July 4 to Friday July 6 at CSIRO Marine
and Atmospheric Research's Aspendale laboratories in Melbourne,

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