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12 July 2007
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Waist high in wood waste

Ensis is collaborating with a Sydney-based environmental business
development company, Warnken ISE, to help turn 'one person's trash into
another's treasure'.

In what is understood to be an Australian first, a team of scientists
will conduct a nationwide study involving sifting through tonnes of
urban waste to provide essential information about wood disposed of at

The study will quantify the volume and types of wood waste being dumped
at strategic waste facilities across Australia. 

Ensis Wood Processing Leader in Recycling and Sustainability, Dr Joely
Taylor, says in addition to the environmental benefits of recycling wood
resources, there are also opportunities for commercial and economic

"This project aims to put an end to speculation about the volumes of
wood waste available across the country by providing scientific data on
volumes and quality," Dr Taylor says. 

Matthew Warnken from Warnken ISE, says there are many potentially
valuable uses for wood waste currently being disposed of in landfills.
"Much of what is now being thrown away can, for example, be used as a
renewable energy source or as raw material for engineered products such
as particleboard," he says.

"The study will be of interest to the timber industry, renewable energy
project developers and also wood waste recyclers."

Industry will be able to access the information on the online 'Renewable
Energy Atlas' (managed by DEW/AGO), which will contain real wood waste
data on a national level. A summary report will also be available on the
Ensis website.

Ensis and Warnken ISE are working together thanks to funding from the
Australian Greenhouse Office, Department of the Environment and Water
Resources, with assistance from the (FWPRDC) to provide future
opportunities to transform wood waste into value added products.

* Ensis is a science collaboration between CSIRO in Australia and Scion
in New Zealand.

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