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Sorry about the late notice on this. You might still be able to make it ...



International Space Station Design Workshop (SSDW) at the School of
Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering of the University of Sydney


Contact: Dr. Salah Sukkarieh, +61-2-9351-8154

International Workshop at Usyd has Students design their own Space

Sydney, July 20, 2007 -  "We designed our own Space Station" - this is
what the 30 participants of the International Space Station Design
Workshop (SSDW) 2007 at the School of Mechanical and Aeronautical
Engineering of the University of Sydney will be able to say next Friday
after one week of hard work. The interdisciplinary workshop themed
``When did you design your last space station!'' is held in the week of
the 16th to the 20st of July in cooperation with the Institute of Space
Systems (IRS) of the Universitaet Stuttgart, Germany. During the
workshop participants of nine different nationalities and backgrounds
will design a complete future mission scenario for human spaceflight.
Divided into two competing teams the participants will work on their
mission concept using methodologies and software tools developed at the
IRS that allow completing the conceptual design of crewed space systems
in only a week. The results will be presented to a virtual customer and
will undergo industry standard reviews by the workshop staff. The
challenges for the participants are not only the technical
implementations of their ideas, but also the very limited timeframe and
the work in an international and interdisciplinary team.

On Friday July 20th teams will present their mission concepts in a
public presentation. Media representatives are welcome. The
presentations will be given at 4:30 pm in the Mechanical Lecture Theatre
(University of Sydney, Mechanical Engineering Building, 2nd floor).

Prof. Dr. rer.-nat. Ernst Messerschmid, the deputy-director of the
Institute of Space Systems and Astronaut of the D1 Space Shuttle mission
will give a short introduction to the Space Station Design Workshop,
current and future plans for space exploration, and will present the
Mission Statement of this year's workshop. After presenting the design
results of both teams the staff will present the evaluation and announce
the winning team. The participants will then receive their diplomas.
There will be a small reception after the workshop providing the
opportunity for discussion with the participants and staff.

For further information about the SSDW: 

Space Station Design Workshop

Institute of Space Systems

Pfaffenwaldring 31

70569 Stuttgart


Phone: +49-711-685-69610	For information about the final presentation:

Associate Professor Dr. Salah Sukkarieh 

School of Aerospace, Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering 

ACFR, Building J04, University of Sydney, 2006, NSW 

E-Mail: salah at acfr.usyd.edu.au

Phone: +61-2-9351-8154

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